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Weather predictions for Ireland for the rest of 2013

weather forecast for ireland

August 2013 Weather Prediction - Mild and Unsettled month for Ireland with thundery rain. Drier second half. Temperatures 17 to 21c

September 2013 Weather Prediction - Rainfall above normal and cooler temperatures of 14 to 18c. Dry at start and end

October 2013 Weather Prediction - Dry and Warm for half the month with temperatures of 19c then cool at end 12c with rain

November 2013 Weather Prediction - Mild but wet and windy at times some frost to end month with temperatures 11 to 15c

December 2013 Weather Prediction - Getting colder with sleet and snow at times and temperatures in single figures 4 to 9c

Snow Risk for Dublin March 10th to 12th 2013

A risk of sleet and snow from Sunday March 10th to Tuesday March 12th for the Dublin region as strong Northeast winds blow in showers off the Irish Sea. The distribution and frequency of these showers is really a nowcasting situation so closer to the time things will become clearer but it is very possible that the ground in Dublin will be white with snow on Sunday night. Temperatures for March will be very low as they usually average around 10 to 13c. What we are expecting next week is something in the range of 3 to 5c for Dublin on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday only rising to about 7 or 8c by the end of the week when the wind will have swung around to a more Northwesterly airflow. Winds will then be coming in off a warmer Atlantic ocean so any precipitation at this stage is certain to be of rain. After St Patricks Day the weather will gradually get a little milder and temperatures will return to double figures once again

Windy November

November started off very cold this year in Dublin with night frosts and very low daytime temperatures pf only 5 to 8c. However it has got milder in the meantime and we now see 10 to 12c being the daily numbers. It is never going to be extremely mild this month but on the other hand it will not ever be extremely cold either. Rainfall is mainly staying to the North and West and for people wondering about snow if you look to the polar low centred just to the South of Iceland on most occasions, everything to the Northern side of this is snow. In 2010 this low was centred over or to the West of France as a secondary low developed in the polar vortex resulting in extremely low temperatures for Ireland. The main cold weather in prospect for Dublin this November is November 10th, 14th and a slight risk from November 28th to 30th. The rest of the month will mainly be breezy and mild.

Warm Weather on Way for August

Some warm weather at last for Dublin and other parts of Ireland for the first half of August. There has been a lot of heavy downpours so far but it does look like dry weather is going to win out in the period August 8th to August 12th with temperatures in the 20s and possibly as high as 25c or 26c. This will be welcome relief to the farmers after weeks and weeks of heavy rain and drained harvest. The warm weather will end around August 12th to be replaced by showery weather until the end of the following week but the temperatures will still remain near 20c in parts of Leinster and the greater Dublin region. As we head toward the end of August the weather will then take a turn to much cooler weather and though it may still stay dry at times when it is wet it will feel quite cool overall.

Cool Unsettled July

Dublin is set to have a cool July with temperatures not rising above 20c very much. The worst wind direction to have at this time of year is a Northwesterly and this is exactly what we have got this year as the jetstream stays to our South. There isnt much good news for August either though its a bit far away the weather seems to be stuck in this cool pattern for a few weeks yet. Maximuma will be 14 to 18c with rain most days and just the odd sunny day when 20c might be reached.

Heavy Rain Event in Ireland

Some very heavy rain for the East and South on Thursday morning will spread to other areas in Ireland during the rest of the day. There is a possibility that between Thursday and Friday that some areas in Ireland will have seen 100mm. Along with the heavy rain of the bank holiday weekend when some areas saw 60mm of rain the June totals will be nearly twice the normal already for some stations after only one week. June is looking like staying wet right up to the middle of the month in Ireland and then it will only be slightly drier with less intense rain.

Wet Bank Holiday Weather

The June bank holiday weathers looks set to be cool and wet after the warm weather that Ireland has enjoyed in the past few days. Met Eireann have said that all areas will see some heavy rain over the course of the weekend. Saturday looks like being the best day and then on Sunday and Monday conditions deteriorate. It looks wet to start June overall with thundery showers each day and only some sunny spells. Temperatures over the weekend of 14 to 20c but falling further next week to 13 to 17c.

Warm weather to end

The current warm or even hot spell of weather is set to end in the middle of the coming week. People have thronged to the beaches and ice cream and beer sales have gone through the roof over one of the sunniest weekends Ireland has experienced in quite a while. The weather should stay fair for the start of the week but cloud will be always building and the 28c we saw last Friday in Shannon Airport will be replaced by a more seasonable 18c. Rainfall amounts are going to be quite small in all parts of Ireland and Dublin.

Wet May in Dublin

May has started off very wet in Dublin so far with 25mm of rain in Casement and 17mm in Dublin Airport. More rain will spread in Thursday moring bringing totals of over 40mm for the week. After this it will be still unsettled and cool but conditions will not be as extremely wet

Showery April

April has been a very showery month so far with Dublin even getting above normal rainfall after the 3 dry months that started the year. One good thing is that there is a lot more sunshine but it is cold and temperatures have climbed no higher than 12c

Warm March

March of 2012 turned out to be a very warm month with a lot of dry weather and temperatures esecially toward the end of the month climbing both in Ireland and in Dublin. A top temperature was recorded in the West of Ireland of 22.2c but temperatures of 19c were recorded in the Pheonix Park

Cooler February

So far February has been cooler in Ireland than the other months of the Winter though this is not difficult considering how mild it has been so far. However current models and weather trends are predicting that Ireland and Dublin will escape a lot of the snow that has beset Europe and milder conditions now look like winning out. This will result in one of the mildest Winters on record in Ireland.

Mild January so far

January has turned out to be a very mild month so far with the first half of the month showing an average of 7c which is over 2c above normal in Dublin. Is there even going to be any snow this Winter? It does not look like it so far but there are hints that the end of the month may bring about some colder weather even to the East of Ireland too. However the snow that was witnessed in December 2010 will not be repeated this year. Indeed that kind of weather was described at the time as a one in 100 year event so it seems unlikely that we would witness something like that again. There have been some snow events though in the 21st century so dont lose all hope.

Stormy December

A lot of wet and windy weather in December with some brief cold interludes also which will bring with it some wintry showers with snow on high ground. Temperatures will be in single figures for most of the month in Ireland but the windy weather will make it feel a lot colder. As we head toward the Christmas the weather will become milder but still unsettled so no White Christmas unfortunately.

Mild November so Far?

Why the question mark? Well even though there has been a lot of mild weather in Dublin and Ireland this month with the temperature rising up to 15 or 16c at times there is still some doubt as to whether this weather is going to last the month.

There are a number of Low Pressure systems moving down from the Northwest from November 16th onwards and these will herald a lot of cooler weather compared to what we have become used to for the first half of the month. Temperatures by the end of November in Dublin will be around 7 or 8c by day! Probably not cold enough for snow at lower levels but the risk will be there just like the last two years.

Torrents Open over Dublin

We havent seen rain like this Dublin for over a year. There has been nearly 100mm in the last 2 days and it will continue up until 11pm on October 24th 2011

The weather has stayed mild for the first half of October but this is not set to continue as there is a lot of cool air coming down from the Northwest over the coming days. Temperatures are going to be in single figures especially over parts of Donegal, Sligo and Mayo and maybe inland too as well as over parts of Cavan, Monaghan and Northern Ireland. Frost is also going to be a risk for the first time this Autumn and stations like Mullingar and Dublin Airport are going to see temperatures at night of close to freezing with a ground frost likely though it is perhaps a little too early to be talking about air frosts yet.

Variety of Winter Forecasts for Ireland

There are many Winter weather forecasts out there for 2011/12 for Ireland and it would appear from the consensus of all of them that we are going to see another cold one. This is not hard to imagine after the cold year that 2011 has been. However it is harder to predict whether it will snow for long and will we get a repeat over Dublin of something like December 2010. It is doubtful that December will be just as cold this year as last year was a one in 250 year December. Updates will continue.

Met Eireann Forced to Apologise over Rain in Dublin

A day that was predicted showery turned out to be a lot wetter than expected.

That was the message from Met Eireann anyways as forecaster Evelyn Cusack issued a sincere apology to the populos of Dublin in a rare move by the weather service of Ireland on the evening of July 21st 2011.

This rather controversial and strange move invoked widespread reaction all over weather forums as it is rare for forecasters to apologise for when they get a forecast wrong.

After all did Michael Fish apologise when Britain had the hurricane in 1987. No he just blamed Bill Giles.

However the rest of July 2011 will now be quite dry in Ireland with temperatures tipping the low twenties as we end the month.

This Summer in 2011 has seen a lot of wet weather in june and there will continue to be wet spells but july 2011 looks like predictions are more favorable so Summer 2011 should not be written off just yet.

Temperatures of around 20c can be expected.

June turned out to be very cool with temperatures all over Ireland and Dublin 1c BELOW normal

So far the South of Ireland has seen the most rain in May

  • Dublin
  • has not fared too badly The weather for Ireland was very dry in April with some of the worst Gorse fires in living memory fanned by very strong winds. May looks like a totally different proposition with a lot of rain though. Wet Weather Forecast ahead for Ireland
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    So far September has turned out to be a really wet month with rainfall
    up to 4 times the monthly average in many parts of the country
    and flooding becoming a problem once more after quite a dry year.
    Rainfall has passed the 100mm mark in many parts of Ireland already
    and the long term forecast has a continuation of this theme with
    wet and windy days and yet more showers. There may be some 
    brief respites at times but overall September looks like it will be 
    one of the wetter ones on record. Rainfall Latest


    Despite all of the wet weather this month it still has been very mild or even
    warm for early September. Temperatures are running 1.5 to 2.5c above normal
    in all parts of Ireland after 2 weeks of the month. It now looks like we are in for a cooler 
    period according to the medium range models and temperatures will drop back by 
    several degrees as a Northerly blast comes in from Friday onwards especially.
    However this will be quite a shortlived cold spell and there should be a return 
    to slightly milder conditions for the end of the month though it will still be wet.
    The cooler weather should bring some slightly drier weather for a few days
    but the weather will become wet with the onset of Westerly winds for the end of
    September Temperatures Latest

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    JANUARY 2010 was the coldest January in Ireland for 25 years with widepread snow and ice. Temperatures of below MINUS 10C were experienced widely on 3 nights in a row around the 8th to 10th of January. Again rainfall was below normal continuing the dry Winter trend. Temperatures were up to 2c BELOW normal at most stations and an amateur weather station in Carlow recorded a minimum temperature of MINUS 17.7C. Winds were not a problem this January unlike previous years but snow and ice made roads hazardous and damaged surfaces widely.

    FEBRUARY 2010 has so far been extremely quiet if a little cold at night. The Rainfall has remained below normal with a lot of dry periods. The 2nd half of the month promises more in the way of rain and showers and this pattern looks set to continue into MARCH

    The forecast for 2010 is currently being worked on but it looks for all intents and purposes like being a wet Spring with cool weather and some high rainfall totals at times. There will be some dry and pleasant spells too but not as dry as the Winter has been at all

    Summer 2010 early indications are for a mixed bag but not as wet as previous years and there should be at least one warm dry month if current patterns continue

    Autumn 2010 will be dry at first then stormy later

    Winter 2010 not as cold as this year but short cold spells

    After some quiet and relatively dry days with just the odd spell of rain from time to time the pattern that would appear to be emmerging is for more cold weather from the 8th Feb. The 10 day Weather Forecast sees cold dry weather dominating. The Irish 30 Day Weather Forecast brings a significant drop in temperatures and sees an increased chance of Snow Showers and this will be further compounded by the Cold Weather that will be in evidence as Temperatures will be relatively low, at 3 to 6c by day, continuing on the cold Winter weather we have had this year. Wintry Showers will become more of a risk toward the end of the week as mild weather in polar regionssends cold arctic air down over Europe


    The temperatures over the coming days will gradually drop into low single figures and a renewed big freeze is too early to say but most of the warm air will be in polar regions and not over Ireland just like during the cold spell of Dec/Jan. In saying that there is an area of High Pressure that is trying to make inroads over Ireland and if this is the case we would be left with a dry frosty outlook Winter Forecast considering the origins of the Pressure

    Summer 2010 Updates-

    The weather will remain quite mild for the first week of February but as the month goes on there is a slight chance that things will again turn more wintry mid-month. Quite wet and windy at times for the first week in Ireland but as the Low Pressure systems move South over the country this will bring colder air for next week. How cold it is too early to say but there may be some wintry showers so an odd flurry of snow will not be out of the question going on what we have seen nationwide so far this Winter

    After the longest cold spell for 30 years it has now finished and a rapid thaw will take place starting monday. Night temperatures on Sunday are around zero much higher than previous nights and with outbreaks of rain making their way in from the Atlantic for Tuesday the cold spell is really about to come to a sudden end. Over 3 weeks of snow and ice have crippled Ireland leaving people housebound and also inconveniencing people during the Christmas period. Although it was one of the longest cold spells of recent times there was no big snow as there was in 1982 but it did snow on a number of occasions and the aver

    Here in Ireland the mercury has dipped to minus 14c already in Balltinglass and minus 12c near Ebbyvale. Dublin will also see temperatures of near minus 10c while Sligo shivers in its coldest of the Winter temperatures of minus 7c.

    The freezing weather looks set to continue well into January until midmonth at least in Ireland with the temperatures barely making it above freezing at all. This polar airmass is stretching down to the South of France, Northern Italy and Turkey and is going to be bringing a lot of snow to Britain too.

    A lot of cold and snowy weather has been evident in Ireland since the start of January with all parts of the country reporting ice and snow. There have been several severe weather warnings in place too since the start of the month and these will continue until at least the weekend. The is the risk of some fresh snow in some Western areas on Thursday before the risk moves to the entire Northern half of the country of scattered wintry showers. There is no sign of a big thaw yet and it may be the end of January before the snow is all gone. In some parts of the West snow has been lying since just after mid December. Usually Ireland does not get one set weather pattern for longer than 2 weeks. But the last 12 months have seen a lot of extremes and these are set to become more of a common event in Ireland in the coming years Finally the weather for the weekend looks dry and frosty and very cold

    Irelands long range forecast is seeing a lot of snow for the North and East in particular but harder frosts further South and West which will only make the Ice situation worse. There does not seem to be an end in this cold weather until at least the middle of January when the Atlantic weather fronts may at last bring in some slightly milder air. The average temperature for December was over 2 degrees below normal and it was the coldest December in many areas since 1995. 2009 was surely quite an extreme and eventful year weatherwise in all parts of Ireland as it was one of the wettest on record with Floods in July, August and November and cold months in February and December. The warmest weather occured during June especially in the Northwest where it was the sunniest June for over 50 years in Malin Head and the sunny theme was apparent in Sligo too until mid month. However this was the only real Summery weather of the season until September and October when there was below normal rainfall in nearly all parts of Ireland until the second half of October when the rainfall began. Temperatures for the whole year were slightly above average continuing the warming trend in Ireland of recent years. Howeever forecasts for Ireland say that this year may be one of the warmest yet!

    The big day itself is promising more in the way of rain or showers coming just at the end of this settled spell and will signal the start of a renewed period of unsettled weather for January.

    Rainfall totals for the month of November in Sligo reached a staggering 289mm. The normal rainfall expected for November is 130 to 150mm. Scientists have said that the rainfall totals for the Winter will increase in the West and North of Ireland and Indeed this seems to be the case. Especially in the 3rd quarter of the month totals seemed to accelerate though the SLigo Area also saw a lot of rain at the start of November with 32mm falling on the first day alone. There were 25wet days in Sligo during November much higher than the 19 day average. The only dry spell was in the last 2 days when there was a lot of frost and the min temp reached -2.4c in Collooney on 28th November. Overall the temperature was above normal by 1 degree celcius.

    December will see rainfall of 150 to 160mm which is slightly above the average. Quite and Dry will generally be the weather in the Sligo area but a cold spell in mid month may bring some of the Wintry stuff for a day andagain at the end some frost and wintry showers are likely. Therefore the temperature for December will again be 1degree above normal much the same as November has been. The first day of the month has already been registered as a wet day with 6.3mm already on the rain gauge at 1430pm.

    The next few days are promising to be mainly unsettled but there is less certainty now about the dry spell that was promised mid-month and this may not happen at all if the rain keeps swinging in from the West. The weekend will have rain at times but with temperatures of 9c it will be relatively mild for the time of year. Sunday is going to be quite windy as well.

    November 2009 Floods

    Flooding in the Winter is something that causes a lot of misery as the people in the West and South of Ireland will testify. The drying conditions are very poor at this time of year so even places like Galway will find it very difficult to get rid of all the surface water due to the "bowl" nature of the landscape there. John Eagleton said on the weather forecast that there has been 9 weeks of rainfall in just 3weeks this november. And there is still a lot more to come before the month is out. One would hope that December will bring a drier story and less misery for people because although this is not climate change on a grand scale it is leaving people without a home which is what the worst results of global warming is forecast to do

    November Weather Forecast

    NOVEMBER looks like it will be bringing high rainfall figures to all parts of Ireland and also some quite windy conditions especially to the North and West. Temperatures will be around the seasonal average but the unpleasant nature of the weather will make it seem a lot colder. Temperatures for November in Sligo are normally around 10c and countrywide in Ireland around 10 to 13c. Rainfall figures are normally 120mm.

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    weathergossip New Look and your Letters - Oct14 2009

    No your not imagining it but IRELAND'S BEST LONG RANGE WEATHER WEBSITE has got a new look (which means I get no sleep anymore). I am working every day to improve the site and although the forecasts are fairly accurate the web design may leave a lot to whatever. I am going to print a letters page on the website from all interested weather people. Just email me at and we'll see what becomes of it

    September Weather Ditty

    September weather in Ireland brings wind and rain, September weather in Ireland is full of pain, September Forecast is full of dullness, Weather Forecast in September has sadness at its fullness, September weather in Ireland oh bring me light, September weather for Ireland just brings long nights, the September forecast for Ireland is quite fair, the September weather in Ireland be good I dare.